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I am a public health advocate, community organizer, city builder, and your neighbour. I began my career as a teacher in a rural, Indigenous community. That experience has led me down a path of public health research, policy development, and advocacy for positive change – from City Hall to down the block.

As your next City Councillor, I want your voice to be heard! My aim is to use participatory engagement to bring community perspectives to life and to build our city, together.

Decisions made by City Council affect each ward uniquely now and for years to come. We need more big picture and systems thinkers with bold new approaches, and that is the lens I will bring to council. Lasting, significant change doesn’t come without decision-making that pushes the envelope toward a better future for our communities. 

I look forward to connecting with you over the coming year to talk about how together, we can make our neighbourhood, our broader communities and Edmonton an even more vibrant city. 

What Keren has done


Recipient of the Early Career Alumni Award which recognizes outstanding contributions of a School of Public Health Alumni

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Her community-building efforts included supporting refugee and immigrant families through the Edmonton Multicultural Coalition

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An Australian campaign to support businesses affected by COVID-19-related racism inspired Keren Tang to launch a similar initiative in Edmonton.

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Ward Karhiio

Karhiio (pronounced: GAR-EE-HE-O) is a Mohawk word that means “a tall, beautiful forest” and pays tribute to the Michel Band. This name deeply resonates with Keren as her own journey working with and getting to learn about Indigenous communities in Canada began in Montréal on traditional and unceded Mohawk territory before she moved out west to Edmonton.

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