Hi, I’m Keren Tang!

I believe in people-first decision-making and that this is a city where everyday Edmontonians have the opportunity to shape its present and future.

I want to be your City Councillor Ward Karhiio.

Meet Keren!

In response to COVID-19, Keren has decided to take her campaign digital so that Edmontonians still have the chance to connect, ask questions, and get to know their candidate. We know how important it is to know your representative at City Council, so sign up to one of the bi-weekly virtual community chats and get to know Keren!

Community Chats

Keren is a public health advocate, a community organizer, and your neighbour.

Keren has helped transform ways of working in order to put people first. This means walking side by side with communities and making sound decisions based on evidence. She wants to continue putting these skills to work for a healthier and more prosperous future – with you at the centre

Keren believes in the Power of Local

  • Local economy: small businesses, startups, a diversified workforce
  • Local expertise in decision-making: you know what’s best for your neighbourhoods
  • Local solutions to climate change: health and savings for generations to come

“Like you, I’ve seen what happens when our voices are not at the centre of decision-making. I want to change this. We need to fundamentally rethink our systems and processes to create a city that works better for everyone.  So let’s roll up our sleeves – we have a lot of work to do!”


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The clock is ticking and now is your opportunity to create a change in direction for our ward and our city!